COVID-19 Temporary Closure

COVID-19 sees us all navigating the best path through this unprecedented time. The Piercing School is operated through Piercing HQ specialty piercing studio. The studio was purpose built to provide a comfortable learning space for the many students we have taught over the years.

Currently the key focus for Piercing HQ is recovery from being closed by government mandate for 27 weeks due to COVID-19. We are practicing strict social distancing protocols which makes it impossible to teach how to pierce. We are also limited by how many people we are allowed to have in the studio at any one time and neither of these restrictions work for our hands on teaching methods at The Piercing School.

So in order to support everyone’s personal safety, and the reduction in the spread of COVID-19, we have decided to suspend new training registrations for the time being. We are hoping to resume in 2022 however there is still so much that is unknown about what the future is going to bring for Australia. [Update Feb 2021 – we are excited to see that the vaccine rollout is due to begin soon. We hope it proves effective in allowing us to return to somewhat normal living and teaching.]

Thank you for your understanding and support and we will be sure to be shouting it from the rooftops once we are OPEN for piercing training again.

Stay safe everyone and remember to WASH YOUR HANDS. It helps to control the spread of COVID -19 AND is one of the best ways to start preparing the skin on your hands for life as a Piercer!!!



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