10 Day On-site Training Event

Welcome to the latest edition of Australia’s only blade piercing educational facility. Whether you are at the beginning of your piercing journey or an accomplished professional, The Piercing School can improve your existing skills and give you a solid foundation for all piercings.
Our school teaches the world standard in body piercing technique - blade needles. A skill that enables you to use needles ranging from 18g all the way through to 4g. Those of you who intend to make a career as a Piercer who offers a complete piercing skill portfolio, you will need the ability to pierce across these size ranges.

We focus on teaching you the 3 piercing techniques that you need to know in order to perform ANY piercing. Once you are confident with clamp, tube, and freehand methods we build on that knowledge with the piercings that use them. Our focus on the 3 techniques used will allow you to move with the times whenever new piercings are created.

For example nostril, septum, many ear cartilage piercings, and some genital piercings are all done using a needle receiving tube. The “tube” practical sessions are included in the Level 1 training section during the nostril piercing practical.

Creating a comprehensive foundation from the beginning of your piercing career is the best decision you can make when you have decided to become a Piercer. Congratulations on making that decision, and we hope you enjoy your journey.


Our BEST training opportunity EVER!

We have been exploring a range of different training structures over the past few years and we've decided that the original format is still the best! Lots of class time together allows us to cover more information than we could ever expect you to learn from a book. Whilst our printed materials are second to none nothing beats days together talking about what we love - PIERCING!!!

So why did we decide change the original structure? Because lots of folks seemed to want to learn quickly, they wanted to learn fast, and they wanted to learn NOW! We made that happen with our correspondence structure which is still available alongside our on-site training events because that works well for some students.

There are others who really benefit from the support of a class environment. Learning together with others who are all focused on the same thing - becoming the best Piercer they can be.

Some of the benefits of our class structure are:

  • small class sizes (a maximum of 10 people per event)
  • the chance to create new friendships
  • more time in the piercing cubicle to experience a range of anatomy and techniques
  • questions in class that can open up even more information
  • the courage felt when you know everyone is in your corner
  • one:one time when needed
  • an experience shared that you'll never forget!

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10 Day Piercing Training Event 2018

Levels 1,2 &3 Levels 1,2 &3 Levels 1,2 &3 Levels 1,2 &3 Levels 1,2 &3
February 11th
Day 1/10
February 25th
Day 2/10
March 11th
Day 3/10
March 25th
Day 4/10
April 8th
Day 5/10
Levels 2&3 Levels 2&3 Levels 2&3 Level 3 Level 3
April 22nd
Day 6/10
May 6th
Day 7/10
May 20th
Day 8/10
June 3rd
Day 9/10
June 17th
Day 10/10

Bella&Paulus Promo Certificate

Given we have been teaching folks how to pierce for over 25 years now, we've made many changes to our training materials when new and better information has become available.

These changes have happened when the industry standards have been elevated, techniques are modified, and new piercings become popular. Standing still is something The Piercing School doesn't do so we can guarantee you'll be taught the most up to date information available by Piercers who are piercing every day.

One of the most noticeable changes to our materials over the years has been the development of the Level 2 structure. Level 1 is the foundation and Level 2 includes all of the piercings that have grown in popularity over the past 10 years or so.

We are doing more septums and beautiful ear work than ever so we thought it only fitting to include them in our recommended Level 2 package.  And because we couldn't leave dermals all on their lonesome we decided to throw them in too! So Level 2 now includes everything from the navel to the forward helix and everything in-between. Phew! That's a lot of piercings!!!

If you are looking to have a complete piercing portfolio behind you then Level 3 is where you need to be. Level 3 is where the genital training lives. Taught by genital piercing specialists you'll learn everything you need to know to offer these piercings confidently and professionally. Level 3 concludes our 10-Day training event.

We are proud to present to you what we believe to be our best piercing training opportunity in 20 years.

10 days completely focused on helping you become the best Piercer you can be.

Our classes are held every second Sunday for the duration of the training. We find this structure allows us all some free time every second weekend which works well as it is essential that students attend every class. One Sunday on, One Sunday off, etc.

Our small class sizes encourage personal attention as needed, and when combined with a friendly class environment provide the best possible setup for a fantastic outcome.
Whether you learn best by listening, reading, watching, or doing, we've got you covered. All suggested learning methods are used throughout this training to make it as easy as we can to allow you to absorb as much information as possible.

Bella is a certified trainer fully qualified to support students of all levels throughout your time with us.

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Bella&Paulus Promo Certificate

This training does not assume any prior knowledge or qualifications and everything you need will be provided as part of your registration fees.
All of our training packages share the foundation material learned during the Level 1 Course. This course is a prerequisite for Levels 2, &3. Please contact us if you have any questions about this requirement.

The course package we recommend for anyone looking to become a Piercer able to confidently perform most high demand piercings above the waist is the Level 2 Package.

We've put together the following pricing table that we hope will help to make it easier for you to choose which training level will best suit you.

Level 1
5 Days
Age Limited 16 yrs
Setting Up a Studio
Personal Safety
Legal Documentation
Jewellery 101
Skills Lab
- Clamp
- Tube
- Freehand
General Piercing 101
The 30 Steps System
Piercing Training Classes
Practical Piercing Sessions
Piercing Certificate
Secure Access to the Level 1 Video Vault
Level 3
10 Days
Age Limited 18 yrs
Level 1 + Level 2
Genital Legalities Class
Genital Skills Lab
Female Genital Intensive
Vertical Clit Hood
Horizontal Clit Hood
Inner & Outer Labia
Male Genital Intensive
Prince Albert
Practical Piercing Sessions
Piercing Certificate
Secure Access to the Level 3 Video Vault

Venue Details

The Piercing School @ Piercing HQ is our best training venue ever. Purpose built to be a comfortable and spacious learning environment. The link above will provide you with some step by step instructions to Piercing HQ from the CBD.

    Some housekeeping info:

  • We have a small fridge and microwave available for byo lunches.
  • Please don't consume any fish/seafood based foods at Piercing HQ.
  • McDonalds and Victoria St restaurants are very close.
  • Smokers please use the pot at the front door for your butts.
  • Limited free car parking is available on-site
  • North Richmond train station is also around the corner


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