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The Pros and Cons of Piercing Training

Welcome to the latest edition of Australia’s only blade piercing educational facility. Whether you are at the beginning of your piercing journey or an accomplished professional, The Piercing School can improve your existing skills and give you a foundation for all piercings.

Our school teaches the world standard in body piercing technique - blade needles. A skill that enables you to use needles ranging from 18g all the way through to 4g. Those of you who intend to make a career as a Piercer who offers a complete piercing skill portfolio, you will need the ability to pierce across these size ranges.

We focus on teaching you the 3 piercing techniques that you need to know in order to perform ANY piercing. Once you are confident with clamp, tube, and freehand methods we build on that knowledge with the piercings that use them. Our focus on the 3 techniques used will allow you to move with the times whenever new piercings are created.
For example nostril, septum, many ear cartilage piercings, and some genital piercings are all done using a needle receiving tube. The “tube” practical sessions are included in the Level 1+ training section during the nostril piercing practical.

Creating a comprehensive foundation from the beginning of your piercing career is the best decision you can make when you have decided to become a Piercer. Congratulations on making the decision, and we hope you enjoy your journey.

Here is a page giving you a quick step-by-step guide to your training enrolment.


Training Packages

Level 1 & Level 1+ Training

Our Level 1 training packages will teach you everything you need to know in order to confidently begin your piercing career. 

Complete Training Package

This package is a complete collection of ALL the piercing training packages that are currently available at The Piercing School. It’s suited to those who are planning to make a career as a body piercer and would like their skill portfolio to include all piercing services. 

Dermal Intensive

The installation of dermal anchors uses a uniquely different technique when compared to standard piercings, so we have designed this package to comprehensively cover the intricacies of this specialized body modification.

Genital Intensive

Our genital piercing training is information-focused training rather than skills based. Thorough training is essential when working with a clients prime real estate.